Course Details - SCIE Scientific Studies Stage 1 - Glenunga International High School

EASVA TitleAviation Studies Stage 1 - CASA Recreational Pilots Licence
QualificationSCIE Scientific Studies Stage 1
Host OrganisationGlenunga International High School
Course Length1 Semester (0.5 years)
Course DescriptionThis course covers part of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Recreational Pilot’s Licence (RPL) with a focus on aerodynamics, aircraft systems, human factors and flight operations. Using the scientific method and/or engineering design, students will be able to delve deeper into the theory of flight. Topics are focused around fixed-wing, single and twin-engine aircraft, and include aviation units and charts, mathematics, geography, history, flight planning, meteorology and navigation. Students will use focused software and access our desktop multi-functional Synthetic Flight Trainer (SFT). This simulates different types of aircraft from basic analogue single-engine to full avionics multi-engine propeller aircraft.
PathwaysPreferred introductory subject to Stage 2 Aviation Studies.
Delivery Location(s)Glenunga International High School, 99 L'Estrange Street, Glenunga, SA, 5064
99 L’Estrange Street Glenunga. South Australia 5064.
Dates and Times20 weekly sessions at Glenunga International High School on Tuesdays from 14:00 until 17:15.
Commencement date 01/02/22.
A semester 2 course will also be offered
Work Placement0 days
SACE DetailsSACE Stage 1, 10 SACE credits
Units Of Competency
CoreSCIEScientific Studies Stage 10 nominal hours
Nominal hours are used for SACE purposes and are not reflective of actual delivery hours
Training Cost$250.00
These fees cover the course text and notes. The Stage 1 Aviation Studies course cost includes a course polo shirt.

Students must also enrol in the subject at Glenunga

International High School. There will be no cost for the enrolment at Glenunga International High School.
Other CostsNone
Cost NotesIn addition to course cost, an administration fee will apply as follows. Non-EASVA government school - $50 per enrolment Non-government school - $100 per enrolment (refer to member school tab for list of EASVA schools)
Number Of StudentsMinimum    10
Maximum   25
Contact PersonMr Alex Turnbull, Phone 8379 5629, Email
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